if you take any sort of pleasure in a player getting injured

you’re not a football fan

because as a football fan

the idea of an extremely talented young man not being able to represent his nation at a home world cup should break your heart

and if you don’t get that

you really shouldn’t be watching this tournament

because you’re not worthy

shoo go away

Thank you I have so respect for him!


You what you fucking idiots who think chile is the shit but they aren’t because Spain has been the best team in the world cups before 2014. It’s just not their time to shine again. But I’m USA fan and you guys need to watch out for USA because we aren’t giving up and ready to tell other teams to eat shit. Chile fucking watch out assholes USA is ready for you and Mexico same goes to you too. Spain you truly be missed by the many fans that supported you. Long live spain❤️